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Days Gone - He’s Not Big On Tunes - Find Weaver’s MP3 Player - A Good Soldier Storyline

Days Gone - He’s Not Big On Tunes - Find Weaver’s MP3 Player - A Good Soldier Storyline
Logan Mecimore : When I got there it wasn’t there I need some help.
Imran Iqbal : take your bike and make the horde chase you... take them with you for some distance and then take a round (use a different direction so that horde give up chasing on you and you sneek your way in the camp) as quickly as possible and then come back to the camp.. horde will take considerable amount of time to come back... and you can take your time to get the mp3... remember the mp3 is in the camp with US flag waving above it.
Zander : Love paying 60 bucks for a game riddled with launch bugs. Cleared the camp far ahead of the mission, killed the mission horde, waited for all possible dialogues, and still not getting a prompt to be able to pick up the mp3 quest item. 10/10 enjoying this game si far minus the 100+ crashes and shit.

Edit: To overcome the bug, saved and reopened the game, fast traveled to an area close by, but not the site, and slowly cruised in as everything rendered for the area. The MP3 becomes obtainable after getting Weaver's last dialogue in the mission area.
Christian joshua Vasquez : Why would i fight a fucking horde for madafuckin mp3 playeeeerrr!!!!!!
Tetanus : i can get back into the cave i just can’t enter the cutscene to finish the mission

단돈 2천원에 구매한 MP3 플레이어! 이거 대박인데!

배송비 포함 단돈 2천원에 구매한 MP3플레이어! 과연 작동을 하긴 할까요?오늘은 초 저가 테크 제품을 가지고 왔습니다! 궁굼하시죠? 그럼 말방구 실험실과 함께하시죠!

아직도 말방구 브로가 아니라면? 지금바로 구독~

■ 제품정보 :

■ Music 메인송 (어비월드)

■ 자매채널 말방구토이즈 구독,추천,알람 해주셨죠?

■ 말방구 실험실 틱톡

■ 영상제작: 말방구미디어
프로듀서 : 딴트공
페이스북 페이지 :
인스타그램 :

■ 이메일 :

#MP3 #MP3PLAYER #MP3플레이어
딴트공말방구 실험실 : 저 지금 바르셀로나 와있어요~ 곧 재미있는 영상 많이 올릴께요 ㅎ
아직도 말방구 브로가 아니라면? 구독, 알람 크을릭! @t
장보규 : 비싼 dap를 왜사냐? 그거 살바엔 2000원짜리 mp3플레이어 든든하게 사고 말지!
유재연 : 와ㅏ 사고싶다....이름이 뭐에요?저 mp3?
이강준 : 종진이형 반가워요~~~ 오늘 소식듣고 바로 구독해요~~~ 와 방송체질이네요 편집도 엄청 잘하세용 ㅎㅎ
Fuck You : 3:01부터 뿜음

Mymahdi 8 GB MP3 Player watch with FM Radio/Voice Record Bluetooth

Take your music on the go:
Phillip Vastopoulos : Can you hear the FM radio through Bluetooth headphones? I have a hidzis day but can't hear the FM radio through Bluetooth headphones.
Jamii Tata : How do you use the watch band? I can not keep it connected on my wrist. It won't snap in place for me.
sarah burkhardt : do you still have yours
sarah burkhardt : does the touch screen work really well??????
sarah burkhardt : how much was yours?????

Best MP3 Player in 2019 | Top 5 Music Players

?5 - SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player -
?4 - Sony NWE395/B -
?3 - HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3 -
?2 - Apple iPod touch -
?1 - ACTIVO CT10 -
→UK Links←
?5 - SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player - N/A
?4 - Sony NWE395/B -
?3 - HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3 - N/A
?2 - Apple iPod touch - N/A
?1 - ACTIVO CT10 -
→CA Links←
?5 - SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player - N/A
?4 - Sony NWE395/B -
?3 - HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3 - N/A
?2 - Apple iPod touch -
?1 - ACTIVO CT10 -

Coming in at 5th place is the SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player, which clips right onto your clothes to keep it secure at all times. It is a great choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts with its long battery life and easy to use design.
In 4th place we have the Sony NWE395/B, which gives you a dynamic normalize for crystal clear audio with a high degree of detail. It charges up quickly and lasts a long time, so frequent charging isn’t necessary.
In 3rd place is the HIFIMAN MegaMini MP3, which has a nice portable design that makes it easy to keep right in your pocket at all times. It uses advanced driver technology to give you a booming sound.
In 2nd place is the Apple iPod Touch, which has a beautiful full color retina display and a state-of-the-art processor for fast and seamless functionality.
In 1st place we have the ACTIVO CT10, which is the best overall mp3 player due to its powerful and versatile design. It is the perfect device for listening to music while exercising or working out. This device supports a number of popular music streaming apps, and it gives you all the storage you’ll ever need.

Portions of footage found in this video are not original content produced by The 5 Best. Portions of stock footage of products were gathered from multiple sources including, manufactures, fellow creators and various other sources.
Johnman : Why no info on HOW YOU PUT MUSIC ON THESE DEVICES??? Can I use my iTunes library? Can I directly transfer from my CDs? Or do they have their own software????
female Online : November 4th 2019. I like using MP3 players better than my phone I would rather save my phone battery for important phone calls and important thing. What I like about MP3 players better than the iPod Touch which I have one is that a lot of these MP3 players you can expand the storage by putting a MicroSD card in him which you cannot do with the iPod Touch. So even though it's 2019 and a lot of people put their music on their phone I'd rather have it's in a separate device.
All in one Tamilan Da : Fiio m3k is best...
Sachin Mesta : MP3 players in 2019 ? WOW
rh3 : Where i can buy hifiman



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