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Inventor 2019 - iPart Description to iAssembly BoM

If you work with a lot of iPart and iAssembly models, you know that keeping track of what version of the part you are working with can be tedious, especially when calling the same part out in your Bill of Materials. Learn how to create a unique description of your various iPart options.
Wendel Gomes : Tem como colocar legenda em português do Brasil

Inventor 2019 What's New: Overview

Autodesk Inventor 2019 delivers user requested enhancements and continues to provide the professional grade 3D mechanical design and engineering tools you rely on.
PaulMagnet : 2019 sieht schon mal saftiger aus als das letzte 2016er welches ich benutzt hab...
troidatoi tangmay : Det er utmerket
COLTON_CJF : How much time was spent on those models...
Michael Tiongson : How were you able to preset the hole dimension 20 when selecting the edges?
Eric Santos : Oi meu nome é Eric Santos e tenho 15 anos e queria compartilhar algumas das minhas invenções com vocês me chamem no Whatsapp

Inventor 2019 Tutorial 6 | Exhaust Manifold

Autodesk Inventor 2019
Inventor Tutorial 6 Exhaust Manifold
Juan José Sánchez Cuervo : I loved it! I learnt so much with it. Thanks a lot for showing us.

Joel Wedin : This is literally like watching porn
Yujin Jung : Great I want to watch it again
Silva0197 : est bueno pero con audio seria mejor

INVENTOR 3D modeling tutorial - #60 (Inventor2019)

출처 : PLAY! SOLIDWORKS(저자 원동현)
링크 :

본 모델링은 원동현선생님의 "PLAY! SOLIDWORKS"교재의 연습도면을 참고하여 만들어졌습니다.
해당교재는 솔리드웍스교재중 최고의 교재로 손꼽히는 교재입니다^^



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