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Gun Oil Showdown. What's the best? Remoil, Hoppes, Slip 2000, CLP, Battleborn, Clenzoil, MOA, Lucas for deals and links
The oil test is COMPLETE! check out how your oil did compared to the competition. Remoil, Lucas, Battle Born Break Through, Clenzoil, Break Free CLP, Slip 2000, Molecular Advantage, Hoppes, and Unicorn Blood home made gun oil all are in the running this time. Let us know who you think should be in the next one!

Break Free CLP:
Slip 2000:
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WorkTheTrigger : The oils that are locked in for test 2 are: Balistol, Super QCG, and the winners from this test, Slip 2000 and Break Free CLP. Sound off to what else you want in. we have 5 more spots!
JSG ll. . . God, Guns & Liberty : Didn’t have to watch it, It’s a Unicorn Video. . .you know who when’s already
Scott Saylors : Slip 2000 is my absolute favorite
Genesis Ju-Jitsu : Good video. Never thought Rem Oil was so bad. I've seen where Synthetic Motor Oil works better even than B.F. CLP. would be interesting to see this including some if the top synthetic motor oils.
Wyatt Earp : Rand clp would be good to try. I’ve used slip for years with perfect results. Use a realistic amount of oil as you would on a gun. I’ve seen rem oil dry into tar as did froglube

CLP Test: Breakfree CLP

In this CLP test, I am testing the gold standard for CLP, Breakfree CLP

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illest mortal : So.. Will it be a waste to use simple green, dry off the firearm then use clp?

I am wondering if i should get simple green with wd40 and motor oil syn 1.

Or just simpling use clp only. Lmk
T : This video sucks ass
HayHugg Tv : Lock it In A bag and leave it 24hrs later it “broke free”
Adam Metzger : Seems like over kill to soak it in clp. But hey its your gun.
Дмитрий Лебедев : I’ve used them all, but the best performance I’ve gotten out of all of them is Remington oil. Rem oil is good stuff. Cheers from Moscow

CLP breakfree what to use to clean your gun

what to use to clean and protect your gun
Ethan Wood : This quality is like 80’s porn bro lol, time to upgrade.
Matthew I. Minnick : Makes my 1911 run smooth as butter
BlueBallsExotics : People talk al kinds od shit. But clp keeps my shit lookin top notch. I like it....a lot
jlra1966 : SLAH BLAH SLAH
RKBA : CLP seems to burn off too fast during high round count use. I prefer synthetic Motor Oil for lube and Ed's Red Bore Cleaner for cleaning. Hi Temp WB grease for some applications but mostly either Syn motor oil or Gear Lubricant works great. Ed's Red cost about 1/10th of the least expensive commercial bore cleaner. I bought a quart of Mobil Super Full Synthetic 10W-30 last week for $5.00! Made 3/4 gallon of Ed's Red for $13.00 - that's 13.5 CENTS per ounce!

Clp - Insatiable

bomben lied ;) aber hört selbst :)
Phoenix Billion : I love this song.
Josh Pouncey : Took me all morning to remember what this song was called, ahhh nostalgia.
A P P L I E D psychonautics : Someone get White Gold Princess on a FUCKING album already! CONTACT ME LET'S MAKE ?
Amanda Andres : Its too long. its not supposed to be 6 mins. any way you can cut it down to normal ending time?
Cee Es : who's the singer?



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