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F1 Aerodynamics - 2: Turbulence, Drag and Vortices

In this second video on aerodynamics, we look at when wings stall, turbulence, vortices, different types of drag and controlling unwieldy air flow.


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Writing / Illustration / Animation / Editing / Narration:
Stuart Taylor


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Chain Bear : A lot of people are enjoying the outro songs to these videos. They're made by Banjo Guy Ollie - he does lots more of them over at his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/olonguet
Aamina Umer : Hi! Thank you so so much for these videos! I’m a mechanical eng student just fresh out of year 1, currently just trying to understand how aerodynamics is applied to F1 cars ( I only previously knew about aircraft ) and the videos are so crystal clear and amazing. I love how you enable the viewer to visualize the concept which is how I understand most things in physics, so thank you so so much. Really really appreciate this! It’s literally nat geo graphic air crash investigation level explanations ( even better) ! I love it!
Darkowl 57 : "Drunk airflow"
Professional Procrastinator : I was amazed at how accurate the explanation is but separation can be laminar. However I agree that at the velocities and length scales involved in F1, separation will generally occur at a supercritical Reynolds. However, calling the detached portion of the BL "turbulence" is not only inaccurate, it is false. You should rather say that this zone is the separated BL (which can be laminar or turbulent). The intense shear stresses caused by the reverse flow (itself a consequence of the relatively intense adverse pressure gradient) feed the turbulence-generating term in the Reynolds-averaged NS equations through the mean flow velocity gradient. This helps create the first coherent eddies and the subsequently smaller and smaller and more chaotic eddies, helping the flow go turbulent if it's not already.
NicknameMy : I think it would be an interesting video to compare this type of airflow with the 2022 rules airflow.


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Jochelle Olpot : why they are calling mark “Protein Mark”???
s_n_b 2 : 9:56
Maudi Kartika :
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