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Daegu Monorail - POV (2015) 대구 모노레일

Daegu Monorail (also known as Daegu Sky Rail and Daegu Metro Line 3), officially opened to the public in South Korea on April 23, 2015. This GoPro Point Of View (POV) ride from end to end was captured less than one month after that opening. I know how to use tripod, so it's a very steady capture of a smooth-riding monorail. The entire capture is shown in real time and is a monorailist's delight! Most station dwell times have been edited out. However, two stations in the video include dwell time so you can watch pretty Sky Rail monorail trains approaching from the other direction and get a sense of how short the stops normally are. We begin our journey in the southeast section of the city at Yongji Station. 24 kilometers later we arrive at the northeast end at KNU Medical Center Station. Since this was posted I’ve added two Daegu videos with really great off-ride views:

Daegu Monorail-a study (
Daegu Monorail–at night (

Are you new to non-recreation, honest-to-goodness transit monorails? Consider how long it would take to negotiate this path in a suface-based tram or light rail! Also, consider the reality of tram collisions with pedestrians or automobiles. That just doesn't happen with monorails, they're safer, faster and far more economical to operate. Visit monorails.org for more information. If you like this video, please click on my name above to see the variety of other videos on my channel. Subscribers are welcome and thanks for watching!
spikedpsycho : Buildings in Korea remind me of USB sticks
남간 : 대구가 확실히 평야지대라 탁트여서 전망이 좋음
Melissa Di : my favourite line 3! Sometimes I just want to hop in to enjoy the view. haha
Ketumak : It looks like a nice journey. Thanks for posting.
ᄏᄏ : ?

Shonan Monorail Enoshima to Ōfuna 湘南モノレール タイムラプス Time-lapse cab view PART 1

The Shonan Monorail, located an hour South of Tokyo, Japan, is a fun monorail to watch and ride. It follows narrow roads, climbs steep hills, runs through tunnels, and goes places that conventional railroad would not fit. This video shows the monorail route from the Shonan-Enoshima Station to Ofuna Station. There is a time-lapse cab view at the end.

This video follows the monorail northbound, while my second video follows the monorail southbound.


steve double u : Some really great video there, and what a pleasing little train/monorail that is to watch. I could watch it all day. Thanks for posting.
gopal Patra : Fantastic
Gani Sulaeman : Coba di.indonesia ada yea biar gax macet
John Coyle : I enjoyed the video, I can't understand why so many people did NOT like it!
Ananth smart : ஒரத்தநாடு தஞ்சாவூர் இந்த ரயில் விட்டா நல்லா இருக்கும்..

지상에서 모노레일로 달리는 도시철도가 있다? / YTN 사이언스

일반적인 도시철도는 두개의 레일 위를 지하로 다니며 기관사가 운전하는 것으로생각하기 쉬우나 대구 도시철도에는 뭔가 특별함이 있다는데?특별함이 무엇인지 하나하나 소개한다.

[YTN 사이언스 기사원문] http://www.ytnscience.co.kr/hotclip/v...
김민재 : 제목 왜 ㅂㅅtv같냐
덕자좋아여 : 모노레일을 왜 만듦?걍 다리를 짓고 중전철 4칸으로 했어야지
박영도 : 오늘도 수고하세요 11시까지 수고하십시오
Youtube경기광주 : 혹시 최근에 대구3호선 사고난적 있나요?
유니입니다 : 우리나라는 꼭 저렇게 외판에 무슨무늬 촌스럽게 넣어야하나 ㅡㅡ

산속의 모노레일 설치비와 사용방법, 그리고 팁

대본없이 이야기하다보니 설명이 다소 부족합니다.
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구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다.

문의 - chltbvj@naver.com
꽃이필때까지 : 제가 크레인 제작 설계 제작 원가 구매 자재관리 출하 수출상차해서 항까지 들어갈때까지 다 해봐서 아는데 무엇을 제작하건 원가는 소비자가 상상하는 이상으로 오질라게 쌉니다 다 레일값하고 시멘트거푸집값인데 시멘트도 직접하고 앙카심어서 기둥장착하고 그 위에 레일만 설치하고 동력기구만 달면됨 암것도 아녜요
박문원 : 친절한 설명 감사드립니다.
사장님 연락처 부탁드립니다
Byungkil Jeon : 일제라서 문제입니다! 국산은 없는가요??
권영희 : 농장에 한번초대해주심ㅊ구경가보고싶네요
김명순 : 박사님
설명을 잘듣고
모노래의 설치 및 궁금한것
연락처 알려주세요



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